The Story

Located at the heart of the city that never sleeps, this work of art was brought into existence in late 2008 after a long stint with one of the city’s most flamboyant pub “J49” and hotel named “Juhu Residency“.

After having run the pub successfully for 14 years (which is way more than the usual life of a pub) and managed the property for the same tenure, the management took quite a bold decision to shut down the busy operations of the same and undergo a complete revamp.

Criticized by many for letting go of a steady stream of income to venture into a not so popular concept of a premium sit-down fine dining and a boutique hotel, the management stuck to its’s ideology of giving it’s patrons something that they hadn’t witnessed or experienced before.

The hotel was built on a basic principle of giving a warm and homely vibe to our patrons, workforce, vendors and all other stakeholders who’ve over the years become an essential crux of the JRBH family.

This mindset of defying preconceived notions to provide an offering that the patrons weren’t accustomed to, gave birth to the infamous restaurant “Melting Pot” and property “Juhu Residency Boutique Hotel“.